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Brazil is well known for its supply of sugar, corn, and soya beans. We work closely with key suppliers with proven track records for stable and reliable supply.  Our suppliers provide high-quality produce and on-time delivery so we can ensure your production deadlines are met.  These suppliers can provide insights into market trends, helping you to make informed decisions about the dynamic agricultural commodity industry.

  • Sugar 

Brazil is a major producer and exporter of sugar.  We offer icumsa 45 white sugar, the highest quality white sugar available on the maret today due to its purity and white colour.  This highly refined sugar is suitable for multiple applications in the food and beverage industry.  We can also supply raw sugar refined from sugar cane, known as icumsa 600-1200.

  • Corn 

Brazil is also a significant exporter of corn, with its yellow corn representing a third of that sold on the global market.  Corn is one of the most widely used grains in the world and found in many feed (animal) and food products.  We offer a variety of corn including genetically modified (gmo), non-genetically modified and genetically modified (gmo) and organic corn.  Our non-gmo corn is free of chemicals and pesticides and safe for human consumption.

  • Soya Beans 

Brazil has consistently been one of the leading players in the international soybean market. The soybean is a very versatile legume and is used in multiple feed (animal) and food products.  Our soyabeans are available in both genetically modified (gmo) and non-genetically modified (non-gmo) and organic varieties


Our company is headquartered in New Zealand, so we have access to a wide range of quality products. Goods that are produced in New Zealand are renowned for their quality around the world.  New Zealand is highly rated around the world for agricultural and horticultural products due to its clean green reputation.

NZ Products we supply: 

  • Dairy

  • Seafood (scampi, salmon, abalone)

  • Honey (including UMF )


Our dairy animals live outside all year round and eat natural grass, giving the dairy products a unique taste and reputation for quality.

We visit the farms and dairy companies to ensure we supply top quality NZ produced goods.

Our grains are grown from the natural sun and rain in the fertile alluvial soils of New Zealand.

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Cattle at Sunrise


Good Thinking 99 supplies all products dairy related.  We source quality  dairy products from all over the world, including clean green New Zealand.

Dairy Product we supply: 

  • UHT Milk

  • Cheese

  • Milk

  • Butter

  • Infant formula

  • Milk powder

  • Whey

If need something that is  not on this list, please ask  us as we have a large network of suppliers around the world, who manufacture and produce a large range of dairy products.

We apply good thinking to the sourcing of quality ingredients at a competitive price. 


Good Thinking 99 supplies a large selection of edible oils.  We listen to your needs and source quality oils that enhance any type of cuisine.

Edible Oils we supply: 

  • Sunflower oil

  • Peanut oil

  • Olive oil

  • Rape seed (Canola) oil

  • Avocado oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Soya bean oil


If you need anything that is not on this list, please talk to  us as we have a large network of suppliers around the world, who manufacture and produce a large range of edible oils.

We apply good thinking to source oils from all over the world. We only select the top-quality oils to supply our customers.

Oil and Water
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