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About Us

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  • Good Thinking 99 is all about good relationships.

  • We specialise in building long lasting relationships with suppliers.

  • Our business is centred around the essential elements of any relationship;  trust and integrity. 

  • We talk to you about your needs and what the best options are for you.

  • Suppliers trust us as although we have the client’s best interests at heart, we don’t disadvantage the suppliers or the buyers. Having a good relationship with these people is very important to ensure you are supplied with quality goods.

  • Good Thinking 99 understands the products and its benefits of the good we source. This is important for a trading partner, so we can source top quality goods for you.

  • Our vast global network ensures that we have access to premium products, and we specialise in New Zealand products, as their quality is recognised worldwide. 

  • As our networks span both the East and West, we understand both of these markets clients, and the nuances of trading with each one to ensure we source quality products for our.

Our Founder


Jen Chan

Founder / CEO

Jen Chan is a standout sales leader and New Zealand based entrepreneur.  For most of her working life Jen has owned her own businesses; creating winning brands and products for the retail sector.  Jen is a big picture person with a talent for sensing possibilities which means she has often been first to market with her products and ideas.

With nearly 30 years of global experience Jen is well practiced in connecting customers and suppliers, managing expectations and negotiating the best (yet fair) deal for both parties.  Having always been fussy about quality Jen is dedicated to delivering the right product at the right time.  

Jen is a natural and passionate sales person who thrives on the challenge of completing the deal – the bigger the deal the better.  With her inherent charm and an ability to think on her feet, Jen is able to have difficult (but necessary) conversations and still negotiate fair deals.

With her honest communication and strong principles Jen is committed to developing long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers. With a focus on building trust and loyalty Jen has developed strong networks and alliances throughout Asia Pacific and particularly within China. 

Being of Chinese Descent but living in the West all of her adult life Jen is able to bridge the East and the West.  With an understanding and respect for both cultures, she is able to navigate cultural differences and find the commonalities needed to broker a deal.   

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive Jen is able to broker any deal with anybody at any time.

Let’s Work Together

PO BOX 78 088, Grey Lynn

Auckland, New Zealand

Tel: +64 9 21 898 809

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