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Introducing our law firm
  • We have over 20 years of trading experience; We have developed a global network of suppliers and buyers and can manage all aspects of the trade – from sourcing to delivery.


  • Our “can do” attitude and “win-win” relationship philosophy has presented us with opportunities to rapidly grow and diversify our global network.  We have dedicated teams located in New Zealand, China, South East Asia and the USA.


  • We believe business is based on good respectful and honest communication, fair business values and human relationships. These are all important values for GOOD THINKING 99. We aim to provide the best service we can and support all parties to make the deals happen!

Why Choose Us


Our Team

At GOOD THINKING 99 we believe that people are everything!   Our cross cultural multi-lingual team is based in New Zealand and China but we have access to a large reputable global network that can manage every aspect of a trade no matter where you are based or what you need.  Our reputation for fairness and trust means we are constantly adding new companies to our network.


Our Communication

We believe good communication is good business!

Our cross cultural team gives us a big advantage because we understand the differences between cultures and know how to communicate effectively, bringing the best results to our customers no matter where they are based.


Our Experience

We believe experience is everything!

After over 20 years of business experience, our professional team has developed robust design, sourcing, sales and logistics processes and are capable of ensuring your trade with us will be professional, reliable and delivered on time.


Our Attitude

We are “can do” people! We are mission possible people!  We provide a first-class service to our customers on every level.  Our company believes in honest communication and respect for our customers and each other! Our “can do” attitude means we can do whatever is

Anything is possible.

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